What Do You Mean By Harmony in Human Being?


 To understand a human being and its behavior, his/her needs and their requirements, first one has to understand about self(I) and about the body and what is the main difference between them. I can easily know it out of the basic needs of happiness and physical facilities. Happiness related to self (I- consciousness) and physical facilities relate to body (material). Physical needs are for a short period or we can say it’s in time and limited in quantity whereas the need for happiness is continuous in time and qualitative. So from this I can easily clear us that only the fulfillment of physical needs and several facilities is not enough for the continuous happiness.
The main thing that the human being needs is the happiness they can gain which with a right understanding with right feeling towards the responsibility. So we can conclude that we can gain the happiness with several physical needs, right understandings, right feeling towards the responsibilities. So understanding the differences of the self(I) and the body individually is most important of all. After knowing the difference of “I” and “Body” one could be able to see the importance of all the human being to achieve the happiness in an enormous amount.
  Once we understand that the human being is a co-existence of I and body we can know that “I” is consciousness and the “Body” is material. The needs of I is continuous and unlimited whereas the needs of a body is temporary and limited in quantity. To understand the function of co-existence of “I” and the body, we can explain the various features.
Fig: Flowchart showing the understanding of Self (‘I’)

Understanding Human Being as a co-existence of the Self and the Body

The chances of transfer or exchange of information between self and body always possible. We never say that my mouth (i.e. a part of body) is eating food but  we say that ‘I’ (self) am eating food. So we can say that body is ‘I’ helps to know about the situation/activity of a human being such as touch, taste, vision, walking. We could know the exchange of information based on needs, activities.
  • Needs are:

    We all know our body function depends on the energy we get from eating the several foods we eat. Similarly, the other need of our body is protection from  different diseases, several weather, our enemies, etc. We can achieve all the physical needs only when we give something in place of exchange, so they can know it as ‘SUVIDHA’ they can provide which after paying for it. These needs keep on changing regarding time and they are temporary. There is the certain limit to fulfill the physical needs, for example, with the help of only two woolen sweaters, one can spend all winter season but it can be only possible when the quality of that certain sweater is best that means the quality matters a lot.

But when we discuss the needs of  ‘I’ its different thing. All individuals need the trust, respect, happiness, love, understanding, etc. so these needs differ from the needs of body. If one individual gets the respect, understanding, trust, happiness etc from our  friends, elders, family, society then the inner happiness can be gained and this is the need of ‘I, this is known as  ‘Sukh’ and these can be unlimited and doesn’t change with time.
 So, the needs of both ‘I’ and body can’t be replace by each other. A common mistake is that we mix the both types of needs and because of this we had to face the several problems and it results in the lack of happiness. But in case of animals, the physical facilities are complete for them but in case of human beings, they are necessary but not complete. This is because of the human being is co-existence of Self and Body.
Maximum activities which are performed by ‘I’ alone, or by body alone or both of them. The activities of ‘I’ can be understood by analyzing things, assuming, recognizing and fulfilling the needs. Assuming directly depends on knowing whereas the activities of a body involve knowing and fulfilling needs. Our body does not have capacity to assume. Someone enjoys the activities of ‘me’ thinking, dreaming, imagining, analyzing and understanding whereas in seeing, talking, listening, eating, walking, etc involves the both activity of both ‘I’ and ‘Body’.  The several activities that are going on with every second in our body with permission of I are breathing, digesting, circulation of blood, etc.

Understanding the Body as an Instrument of ‘I’ (I being the doer, seer and enjoyer)

There is a definite shape and structure of every human body. It is only ‘I’ which makes it different from others. Every individual has the feeling that ‘I’ exist whereas the body is only a materialistic thing which has none knowledge about whether ‘I’ exists. Hence it is a ‘I’ who wants to live the continuous happy life. The body act as an instrument to achieve the thing what ‘I’ desires or wishes for. To live the life with continuous happiness ‘I’ should have to be in harmony with all the stages of livings and finally the needs ‘I’ can be fulfilled. Good production, protection and with right utilization of physical facilities can achieve the different needs of body. But in the present context we make the thought existence but does not understand accurate meaning of right understanding and utilization of physical facilities and we are not aware of the needs of ‘I’. Hence there are some needs which we require urgently and we should know about that and try to solve or achieve that by good understandings.
Fig: Flowchart showing a balance of understanding
Body works as an instrument of ‘I’. It means that when ‘I’ hear the beautiful music, ‘I’ feel pleased and refreshed, the ears (part of the body) are working as an instrument for the self and providing with the pleasant feeling.

 I am the seer:

 we are reading the newspaper or listening the news;  they involve us in Seeing or understanding the certain information or news; it is our eyes that are seeing the things written on newspaper or being displayed on the screen and understanding. You are the one who is responsible to understand these things by conveying the message to brain with the help of eyes and ears. When we say that, “I am seeing”, this means i am the one who is who is watching or seeing the things with help of eyes and they are just the instruments.

I am the doer:

 I have did something; I am the one who decides to what to do or not to do, hence I am the doer and in this way I work with my hands, legs, my efforts. I used my body parts as important instruments to perform the several tasks what makes me satisfied and happy. The ‘Doing’ thus, always starts from the individuals. Hence ‘Doer’ means the one who does the task and takes the responsibility and the important decision which makes them satisfied and happy.

I am the enjoyer:

  Here, we visit any place or any natural beauty, or listen any beautiful music then we are the doer and the seer and finally what we get the result is that we feel happy and enjoys them lots and we also become the enjoyed. Thus we can conclude that the seeing, doing, enjoying is very related with each other and this is continuous. Similarly, when we eat the tasty food, we are the one to feel its tastiness and enjoys a lot.
Hence, we can say that our body parts are just instruments and we use them only to fulfill our need and achieve the happiness which the continuous need of ‘I’

Understanding the needs of Self (‘I’) and Body–Sukh and Suvidha



The state of human mind which directly affect the behavior to imposing on others. It helps to achieve the inner happiness and inner harmony. People thinks the happiness depends in the physical facilities (Suvidha) but the truth differs from this, happiness directly depends upon the way of thinking and we can see the outcomes of that thought which satisfies on the behavior.


 It means the facilities  it can adopt which just to comfort themselves.  It also includes the intention of all those things which make a comfortable life. In the way of finding the comfortable one can do anything for that and sometimes the result can be positive but sometimes it results in negative way and can be destructive within the family, society or globally.

There are some levels of living they can justify which based on Sukh Suvidha. It lists them below with the brief explanation.
  • At the level of individual
  • At the level of family
  • At the level of society
  • At the level of nature



At the level of an individual: 

one can be very destructive if he/she is trying to find the comfortable   on their own basis. But sometimes it acts a very important for the global while someone tries to find the happiness on their individual level for e.g. If someone starts the organization of cleaning the places nearby them and feels the comfortable after doing that and happiness then these type of individual effort then it is beneficial for the nature.  Different problem could be also arise while searching the comfortable like depression, anxiety, stress, health problems, lack of confidence, etc.

At the level of family: 

While working with all family member the certain problem may arise and good sort of happiness can also be gain while finding the happiness. The different understanding is necessary with the family member to achieve the happiness. But if there is no mutual understanding and respect then several problem may arise like breaking up with different family members, disharmony in relationship, divorce, neglect of older people, jealousy, etc.

At the level of society:

In this stage of finding the happiness, different outcomes can be achieved which could be known or unknown. If any human is working for the society and this gives them happiness, then this is one of the great result of the process which is being done to find the comfortable and happiness. But the mind of a human being can’t be controlled, and so sometimes human does the big mistake and take themselves in a different track of living and it directly or indirectly harm the society, such as growing of terrorism, violence, racial & ethic struggle, corruption, rapes, war between the countries.

At the level of nature:

Different people have their different way of thinking, a way of doing the things in search of happiness. In this process some try to save the nature while some indirectly harm the nature. If one is putting their individual effort for saving the nature or earth. Then while doing this their happiness can be most important for the global. But sometimes because of human carelessness different problems arises. E.g. global warming, weather imbalance,  depletion of minerals and natural energy resources, deforestation, etc.

 Hence, we can say that “Sukh is important but Suvida is not everything to achieve that”. Every individual must work on their own effort to achieve the comfortable and happiness in the positive way.
That shouldn’t harm the society, family, and the nature.  All the problem arises only because of a misunderstanding between the meaning of Sukh and Suvidha.

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