The human body is a self composed system and made up of a few organs and organs which go on with working particle close with scheduled time. The body is comprised of cells and these cells are planned in such a way to give every organ and body in general clear shape. Every cell of body has its importance and is working in a different way. All exercises like breathing, course, processing is done in a self sort out way to keep body fit for working in as an instrument for ‘I’ (Jivana).

Harmony of ‘I’ with the body: Sanyam and Swasthya

The harmony of ‘I’ with the body is as ‘sanyama with respect to ‘I’ and swasthya with respect to the body.

Sanyam (self regulation) is the emotion of responsibility in ‘I’ towards the body for its support, declaration and right usage. When I care for the body at that point body likewise works for satisfaction of my needs. There is no response of disturbing each other however a response of duty is there. It implies that I am in charge of my body’s prosperity and comfort.

Svasthya (Health) has two components the body expression as indicate by ‘I’, and there is harmony in the pieces of body. We can say that it is the state of the body where is fit all movements which are to be performed by body. Understand that these two Sanyam and Swasthya are recognized with one another. On the off chance that there is Sanyam on one’s body just, at that point there can be Swasthyas. In the event that Sanyam is lost, great happiness is additionally lost.

Program To Ensure Sanyam Swasthya

Sanyam implies that self assume the of supporting, guarantee and right usage of body, we can pledge Swasthya of the body which go about as an instrument of self. It is critical here to understand the body has a forced life expectancy and experiences different changes in the middle of its range. It experiences an example of development and decay. The connection of self with the body must be in agreement with the body that can be skilled through sanyam.

Development of the body (POSAN)

Sustaining implies furnishing of improving the body with its standard requirements. The fundamental requirement of body to do work is strength which the cells of body gain from the nourishment we eat. So strength of mind of nourishment have to to be with the end goal that it suppliers appropriate supplements and strength to the body. The way toward processing nourishment begins with:

  • Ingestion (Grahan):

The procedure of processing starts in mouth when we bite it. Some piece of nourishment is processed in the mouth itself with the support of salivary compounds to improve crafted by the organs.

  • Digestion (Pachan):

Once the small piece nourishment is started, the adjustment starts. Adaptation will be valid if the body is in harmony with self. For this rest and proper exercise of body is required. Nourishment should just when body feels hungry and not for taste reason. The support should be such which can satisfy body’s needs. Nourishment should be taken with sanyam in a legal way of body and in right amount.

  • Excretion (Nishkasan):

This is similarly a serious piece of supporting the body. The throwing away of undigested or useless piece of body is called discharge. In the event that not done legal, at that point part of poisons will collective in the body which can punctual different disorder of problem in the body.

Protection of the body (Sanraksahan)

It includes clothing, cover and so onward. With the goal that body can be secured from different unmoved climatic conditions and its harms can be diminished. The body likewise needs appropriate presentation to perfect measure of air, daylight, water, soil and so onward as it is said to be framed of all these five components as it were. To guarantee the happiness and security of the body we have to deal with

  • Food (Ahar)
  • Proper upkeep of the body
  • Labour (Shram) and Physical Exercise (Vyayam)
  • Asan (Pranayam)
  • Treatment of the body (Upchar)

Right utilization of the body (Sadupyog)

It is vital to understand the reason for which the body should be utilized. For the most part we trust that it is the instrument to have enjoyment. Happiness or touchable enjoyment implies doing exercises which please the body self-regulating of self like eating low quality food for taste, sitting in front of the TV and so on. Additionally we neglect other people and nature for our happiness it is an instrument to encourage the correct understanding of self. I have to guarantee that I utilize my body for right conduct and work rather than exercises like battling, quarreling and taking. I should mastermind supplies for right usage of my body.

Swasthya mean the body is fit to act as indicated by oneself and there is friendliness among the different pieces of the body .When we follow the above advances and use the body instrument right way then the body stays in harmony with oneself. When we are clear about the necessities of the body, it makes us move towards guarantee prosperous.


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